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Uma marca especializada em Semijoias Hipoalergênicas, levando qualidade e conforto para o seu cotidiano. Uma marca para se sentir presenteada, ajudando mulheres a aumentarem o brilho que cada uma já tem dentro de si. 

A Suzzure veio ao mercado com a necessidade da própria CEO da marca, que sofria com alergias referente ao Níquel presente em muitos acessórios. 
Submetendo-se a testes de sensibilidade para trazer a melhor qualidade hipoalergênicas em semijoias. 
Quem vive a experiência Suzzure, ama e recomenda. 


  • Presentes especiais;
  • 3x sem juros;
  • Garantia até 12 meses;
  • Site Seguro e Responsivo.

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  • 23/09/2021, 18:12 New Promotions and Banners at SUZZURE JOIAS - CPA!

    New Promotions and Banners at SUZZURE JOIAS - CPA! Make the most of this campaign!
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  • 16/09/2021, 22:51 New Campaign SUZZURE JOIAS - CPA!

    Specialized in hypoallergenic semi-jewels, bringing quality and comfort to your daily life. A brand to feel like a gift, helping women to increase the shine that each one already has inside!
    Suzzure Jewelry ® is committed to always looking for the best products, the most advanced technologies and the best partners to provide you with an unforgettable experience.
    The Suzzure Joias ® brand was not created “out of nowhere”, but from a need that haunted me for some time. At 14 years of age I was diagnosed with a nickel allergy! Yes, nickel. Everything she wore where the nickel touched the skin, the allergy would arise. It couldn't pass 10 minutes that the itching started intensely. It was horrible! Not to mention that it greatly affected the health of her skin and her self-esteem, as she was very ashamed of her blistered skin.
    She always liked semi-jewels, even with allergies she had used them, out of stubbornness, to feel more elegant and radiant.
    Growing this desire was increasing, and I felt increasingly uncomfortable with not being able to wear even an earring, a necklace, in a safe way for my skin. That's when they decided, on their own, to go after the best collaborators with hypoallergenic technology, without traces of Nickel.
    After several tests for 12 hours straight and guess what; without any allergies! There was no reaction. An explosion of feelings took over, endless joy!
    This is how the Suzzure Jewelry Contemporâneas brand was created, to help women who live with the same pain. Because today, there is brightness, smiles and self-confidence.
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