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Mentorama is an international company which completely changed the online education in Brazil. Offering 25 courses of different areas of study: from Web Design to Data development and also from 3D Modeling to Interior Design. With that, we add more than 50 thousand people who encountered their dream career!

 Different from other online schools, Mentorama goes beyond theory “practice is the best way to master a new ability”, say the school specialists. During the educational process, practical tasks are done, similar to those which the students will find during a real job, and of course, always having the support of experienced mentors in each area. Besides that, the students can give life to their ideas through specialized training centers that the online platform offers, where they can expose their projects and communicate with other students. 

After finishing the training, Mentorama will help the students to create their resume and also invest in exclusive insights and tips for a job interview, since during the course, the students have the opportunity for an internship in their area of specialty. 

An innovative teaching method: the online school that prepares and develops their students for successful careers in real life. This is Mentorama! 

Benefits for Mentorama's clients
- A systematic and practical approach to training, preparing students for the job market (online lectures, webinars, projects, internship)
- Flexible communication schedule with the teacher
- Courses in the most demanded and highly paid professions in the labor market
- The possibility of buying a course in installments
- Mentors who are well-known professionals in their field, that understand the job market today and usually work in major international companies
- A certificate after concluding a course
- Assistance in finding a job in your field
- Frequent sales for all courses.

Benefits for Mentorama's partners
1. Affiliate deductions - 15% of the course fee
2. High average check – 4315 BRL (780$)
3. Stable and regular payments
4. High conversion (registration to purchase) – 9%
5. Own call center. Fast confirmation and applications
6. Courses for any category of educational traffic. We approve almost all types of advertising sources
7. Constant sales for clients on all courses, which helps to increase conversion
8. Helping partners at all stages of work (banners, statistics, verification, information)
9. Wide range of promotional materials
10. Regular improvement of website usability.

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Целевая аудитория:%


State of Sao Paulo29,74
State of Minas Gerais9,55
State of Parana5,61
State of Bahia5,07
State of Santa Catarina4,43
State of Rio Grande do Sul4,38

Тип устройства%

Целевая аудитория по самым прибыльным курсам в Mentorama (ТОП-2):

"● Cientista de dados do zero ao PRO (

- Мужчины и женщины от 25 до 35 лет;
- новички, не имеющие опыта работы в аналитике;
- разработчики;
- люди, которые работают в другой сфере и хотят получить профессию в мире высоких технологий;
- люди, которые уже имеют некоторую практику в области разработки данных;
- люди с высшим образованием;
- пользователи социальных сетей (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin);
- люди, которые работают в крупных компаниях и хотят повысить свою квалификацию."
"● Profissão UX / UI-дизайнер (

- Мужчины и женщины от 22 до 30 лет;
- люди с высшим или незаконченным высшим образованием;
- новички в дизайне, которым интересна профессия UX-дизайнера;
- веб-дизайнеры разного уровня и дизайнеры других направлений, которые хотят создавать не только красивые, но и удобные интерфейсы;
- люди, которые живут в основном в крупных городах, таких как Сан-Паулу и Рио-де-Жанейро;
- люди, недовольные своим доходом;
- интернет-интересы: хобби, технологии, дизайн, сервис-дизайн, стартапы, продуктовый дизайн;
- пользователи социальных сетей (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance, Dribbble, Pinterest);
- люди, ориентированные на системное мышление, а не на визуальное."

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  • 24/03/2021, 15:49 Attention! "Mentorama" offer is launched!

    Publisher`s commission is 15% for a paid order. The offer is available on Basic level. Join and earn money!