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Capsula – smart speaker from Group. Inside the Capsule lives a friendly voice assistant Marusya.

Call her when you need help with business or Vice versa, when you want to relax. Marusya will remind you of important things, turn on pleasant music, tell you the weather, or set a timer. And children love it! The child will be able to turn on their favorite fairy tale, play or just chat with Marusya while you prepare dinner.

Benefits for customers:

  • Clear and powerful sound
  • Millions of tracks
  • Bluetooth voice control
  • Night mode
  • Interactive fairy tales for children: Marusya will send a text to your phone and accompany your reading with music, special effects and background sounds
  • 6 months of access to the Vkontakte and BOOM media library
  • The Capsule speaker sounds clean at any volume
  • Stylish design, will fit into any interior
  • Free Express delivery
Benefits for publishers:

  • A decent reward
  • High conversion rate due to high brand awareness
  • Quick order confirmation
  • Wide selection of advertising materials

Until November 30, 2020. the increased rate is 2000 rubles. to the webmaster for the order!

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