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ELARI develops and produces innovative gadgets and technological services. Since 2012 the company has grown to international brand, popular in 20 countries. Elari products are competing with the world leading manufacturers and is one of the market leaders in the categories of wearable electronics. In 2018 Elari became №1 brand in categories of wireless headphones and children's watch phones in Russia and other countries, also absolute leader in sales aboard of Aeroftlot.

Elari Retail business develops in 2 categories. ELARI SmartGadgets children's watch phones, wireless headphones and speakers, mobile routers, charging stations and unique travel gadgets.

ELARI SmartHome - smart lamps, switchers, sockets, cameras, sensors, infrared remotes, robotic vacuum cleaners are produced by ELARI in partnership with TUYA, leading global platform for artificial intelligence and the Internet of things.

Benefits for pubs:

High commission rate – 8,75%

Appealing banners

Rich content and usability

High acceptance rate

High average order sum – 8 000 rubles

Popular brand

Personal promo codes and special offers for pubs

Many traffic types allowed

Post click 30 days

Advantages for customers:

Wide range of goods

Reliable store

Constant special offers and sales

1 year warranty

24/7 service support

Convenient and fast delivery

Contactless warehouse and delivery 

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