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Culturama was born in Caxias do Sul / RS. We have been a reference in children's books since 2003.
In addition to our own line of publications, we have also edited part of the largest and most disputed licenses in Brazil and the world, such as: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Monica's Gang, O Mika's Diary, among others. Today we are also the official publisher of Disney Comics in Brazil!
We follow a differentiated business model that allows us to serve our readers from different segments and in a personalized way, with competitive prices and high editorial quality.
In addition, we have a Culturama Subscription Club, which offers exclusivity and the best Disney Comics experience.
Its mission is to edit and distribute our publications in an innovative, competitive and efficient way. Facilitate access to books by diversifying points of sale and competitive prices, ensuring satisfaction and profitability for all. Culturama seeks to be a reference in publishing, distribution and business models in the Brazilian and worldwide markets.
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