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The Oi Fibra  optic internet offers a high-speed connection to watch movies and series without locks, play online without lag, download heavy files faster, use multiple connected devices without signal loss and much more.
This is because it has 200 Mega broadband and can transmit more data in less time. In addition, fiber internet technology uses light emission to carry the signal from one end to the other.
  • More speed and stability;
  • Movies and series without crashing;
  • Play with zero lag;
  • Much more powerful WiFi;
  • Fiber to the house;
Come and enjoy!

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  • 03/06/2020, 23:41 Nova Campanha - OI FIBRA!

    Oi, a pioneer in the provision of convergent services in the country, offers mobile telephony, broadband, pay TV, local and long distance voice transmission, and currently has the largest Wi-Fi network in Brazil. The company is present throughout the national territory and is the company that has the largest network capillarity in Brazil, reaching remote areas of the country and promoting the digital inclusion of the population. In addition to telecommunications services for the retail and corporate markets, Oi offers innovative IT solutions, hosted on a cloud computing platform, for companies of all sizes.
    • Geo Brasil;
    • R $ 14 commission for confirmed purchases;
    • Available materials;
    Come and enjoy!