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Simulate your Consigned PB and Receive Direct to the Account in 2 Days. It's as safe as in the store. Fast, secure, money in the account in a few days. Click and Make Your Simulation Now. Online Simulation. Special Fees and Deadlines. Simulate and check.
  • 40 years of payroll loan;
  • Automatic leaf discount;
  • Up to 4 times cheaper than personal loans;
  • Longer term and lower installments;
  • Loan without bureaucracy;
  • Hiring 100% online and secure;
  • Fixed parcels, no surprises;
  • You do not need to have an account with Paraná Banco;
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  • 30/11/2020, 17:55 THE OFFER PARANÁ BANCO IS NACK


    Simule seu PB Consignado e Receba Direto na Conta em 2 Dias. É Tão Seguro Quanto na Loja. Rápido, seguro, dinheiro na conta em poucos dias. Clique e Faça Agora Sua Simulação. Simulação Online. Taxas e Prazos Especiais. Simule e comprove.
    • Geo Brasil;
    • Materiais disponíveis;
    • Comissão - R$30,00 por lead aprovado;
    Venham aproveitar!

  • 08/05/2020, 23:21 NEW OFFER - Paraná Banco CPL!


    Paraná Banco offers payroll loans with excellent rates and easy approval.
    • Hiring 100% online and secure;
    • Fixed parcels, no surprises;
    • No need to have an account at Paraná Banco
    • Geo - Brazil;
    • Commission - R $ 14.00 per approved lead.
    Come and enjoy!

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