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Founded in 2007, Babbel is currently the most successful language app in the world, with millions of subscribers. In 2016, Babbel was recognized as the most innovative education company by Fast Company, the reference magazine in innovation and business.
Their courses are thoroughly prepared and ensure that users develop language skills that can be put into practice from the very first lessons. Thus, learning from Babbel is the shortest way to converse in a new language. In a recent survey, 73% of users said they felt able to keep dialogs short and simple after five hours of using the app.
  • Mobile devices: anytime, anywhere;
  • Choose a course that interests you and start building your vocabulary;
  • Babbel's integrated speech recognition system analyzes and helps to improve your pronunciation.
  • Team of experts available
  • Transparent application
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  • 24/04/2020, 18:07 New Promotions and Banners in Babbel Peru!

    New Promotions and Banners in Babbel Peru!
    • 40% discount on the 4-month plan, 50% discount on the 12-month plan!
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