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Created in 2009 by a couple of friends, TrazpraCa is a virtual store that sells creative and original gifts, whose mission is to help their costumers find the ideal gift for boyfriends, family and friends. With original products that will make you think, "Why didn´t I think of that?", the store's goal is for their customers to have that satisfying feeling that comes when you know you got the right gift for someone.    


  • Installment up to 6x without interest; 
  • Free shipping on orders over R$249,90;
  • 1st exchange free of charges; 
  • 100% secure site; 
  • Several forms of payment available.  

Come enjoy!

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  • 13/08/2019, 20:05 Novos Banners em TrazpraCa - Fun and Creativa Ideas!

    Novos Banners em TrazpraCa - Fun and Creativa Ideas!

    Come and enjoy!

  • 06/08/2019, 16:13 New Banners in TrazpraCa - Creative Gifts!

    New Banners in TrazpraCa - Creative Gifts!

    Come and enjoy!

  • 05/08/2019, 18:01 New Offer - TrazpraCa - Creative Gifts!


    Online shop for creative and different gifts up to 6x without interest. They offer the most original products for their costumers to give to significants others, friends, and family!


    • Comission: 7% per confirmed purchase;
    • Geo: Brazil;
    • Materials available.

    Come and enjoy!

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