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Mania Sol is an online store specialized in selling various models of sunglasses, guaranteed to please all audiences. The brand values quality service, their main priority being customer satisfaction. 


  • Free shipping all over Brazil; 
  • Various forms of payment; 
  • Installment up to 6x without interest; 
  • 100% secure site; 
  • Present in all major digital social networks. 

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  • 05/09/2019, 23:30 New Banners in Mania Sol - Sunglass Store!

    New Banners in Mania Sol - Sunglass Store!

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  • 09/08/2019, 18:40 New Offer - Mania Sol - Sunglasses!


    Shop specializing in the sale of various models of sunglasses for all audiences.


    • Comission: 10.5 % (R$) per confirmed purchase;
    • Geo: Brazil;
    • Banners available.

    Come and enjoy!

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