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The history of  L’Oréal  has started from one brave idea, ahead of it’s time and  the brend L’Oréal Paris  – has strated  from tagline « After all, you deserve in 70s when women first began to assert themselves and their rights.L’Oréal Paris’s brand were instruments of self-expression.

Between of 90-s and  2000 in the period of pop-cuture , representatives of  beauty L’Oréal Paris saied from TV " I deserve it, but you too ". Each women could feel herself as  the star due to pruducts  of L’Oréal Paris

In the period od Globalization when no limits of  scopes L’Oréal Paris says " We are all deserve it" .This tagline  has the main idea : every person deserves has  the best for himself.-to be  at the place where he wants, looks like he wants, to listen to his own heart, to be loyal to himself and his creed. It  means to be yourself.

 L’Oréal Paris pushing the boundarings and  stands for the democratization of beauty, and opens the access  to the cinema of art, it gives  development grant to  young fashion desighners for own brand  development , standing for democratization of beauty. L’Oréal Paris is traying  to encreasing of information among young people  on issues of daily self-care. This brand  creates new collections of famouse desighners : Balmain and Isabel Marant.

L’Oréal’s  of laboratories are create not only innovation products, which  will gett patent later,  but  it creates high cuality products with delicate  textures. Products of L’Oréal do the process of self-care to the sentual ritual. 

Different ambassadors of brend (with differ of ages, countries and nations) like Oscar-winning actors  who has the aim:  to develop of beauty, and to  change our world to the best, becouse we are all deserve it.

4.  Information about Target Audience :


  • Men– 15.1%
  • Women – 84.9%

The age(according to sales)

  • 25-34 – 35%
  • 35-44 – 24%
  • 16-24 – 10%
  • 18-24 – 12%
  • 45-54 – 13%
  • 55-64 – 5%
  • 65+ - 1%


  • Moscow – 40%
  • Regions – 55%
  • Other – 5%

5.  Benefits for customers:


  • Free shipping from 1500 руб.
  • Discount  5% by credit-card
  • Discount gift sets



  • All new products appears before another clients
  • Every mounth will be discounts and gift for the  purchase
  • Exclusive products will appear from June  
  • Full range available

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