Offer Id: 12706
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Confirmed registration
Answering a phone call
Currency: USD
Aim id: 19028 (Active)
3 $ maximum 75 days
30 days No data

Geo targeting:

Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia (except: Republic of Crimea)


CRYPTO WAY is a company that is interested in forming a constant flow of customers who are interested in earning on Bitcoin and other crypto currency.

The target audience is interested in topics such as: cryptocurrency trading on the stock exchange, trading on the FOREX market and investing (buying cryptocurrency to earn on the growth of prices).

Mandatory criterion:

  • User speaks Russian

  • Age 21 - 65 years old

  • The user answered the phone call, can confirm his identity and that he left a request on the landing CRYPTO WAY

Call center works:

  • Monday - Friday с 10 до 19 Moscow time

  • If the user does not answer the phone call , the call center will call him back during the day

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