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Currency: RUR
Aim id: 18761 (Active)
5-13 % maximum 37 days
As average 30 days
30 days No data

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Unizoo – goods for pets online store.

All publishers work in 2 channels – Marketing and Closer.

Publishers can go from one channel to another:

Marketing – active publishers with trustful sources, who promote the offer (conduct promo activities, attract new customers etc.)

Closer – not very active publishers with passive traffic sources including publishers with unverified sources, new publishers, ones who violated the rules.

Payout:Marketing – 13%

Closer – 5%

All new publishers are automatically in Closer channel.
To go to Marketing channel ask manager. Your source will be considered quickly.

Marketing channel:

Content web-sites (social media, blogs etc.)

Video-hosting (YouTubeetc.)

Partner shops, online showcases
Arbitrage, if GA traffic statistics is available and meets arbitrage figures for this channel

Price comparison sites.

Closer channel:

Coupon sites


Loyalty programs

Publishers with untrusted info on types of traffics and its’ quality

There is a possibility for Closer channel publishers to get higher payout for additional promo-activities (e-mailing, banner placements and etc.) or if traffic and turnover constantly increases.

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Offer news:

  • 30/04/2019, 16:02 Attention! New offer "Unizoo" has been launched!

    The reward for the paid order is:

    Channel Marketing - 13%
    Closer channel - 5%
    Details in the description of the offer.
    Offer is available on the tariff "Basic". Join and earn!