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The Babbel story began back in 2007, when founders Markus Witte, Thomas Holl and Lorenz Heine discovered that there was no real way to learn a language online — a problem they knew they could fix. In 2008, Babbel was born: an app that combined new technology with proven methodologies to help people learn a new language based on what they already know from their own language — an approach that’s still unique to Babbel.
We’ve been growing fast since then: over 1,000,000 active subscribers are learning 14 different languages, from Spanish to Indonesian. And in 2016, Fast Company Magazine named Babbel the most innovative company in education worldwide.
Babbel is a premium product. With no ads, and a transparent, subscription-based business model, we work directly for our learners — not for any third party.
Our in-house didactics department has one key mission: to get you conversational fast. Together, this team of 100+ linguists, language teachers and education specialists has created over 8,500 hours of learning content to date. And it’s all supported by a fast and dedicated customer service team, available via telephone, email and online chat.
  • Mobile: anytime, anywhere;
  • Simply choose the course you’re interested in and start building your vocabulary;
  • Babbel’s integrated speech recognition helps improve your pronunciation.
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  • 24/04/2020, 18:07 New Promotions and Banners in Babbel Colombia!

    New Promotions and Banners in Babbel Colombia!
    • 40% discount on the 4-month plan, 50% discount on the 12-month plan!
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  • 22/08/2018, 18:16 New offer - Babbel CO/VE


    Founded in 2007, Babbel is the world’s first language learning app. A leader in the online language learning industry, Babbel is an international success with more than 1 million active subscribers and ranked as the world’s #1 innovative company in education. Our meticulously designed courses guarantee you language skills you can use right away. Babbel is the shortest path to real-life conversations; 73% of our users indicated that they’d be able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within five hours of using Babbel.


    • Payout: 21€ for any course paid
    • Geo: Colombia and Venezuela
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