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Ukraine. Excluding cities: Donetsk, Donetsk region, Lugansk, Lugansk region.


Yves Rocher Ukraine - online store of French cosmetics and perfumes, created on the basis of natural herbal ingredients.

The Yves Rocher brand is the only cosmetic brand in the world that fully manages the life cycle of its products without intermediaries: from the plant to the skin of the client. Expert-scientists - travel tirelessly around the world in search of unique components, discover and study new plant species, recognize their exceptional properties, and then cultivate on their own fields in La Gascia. All product formulas are developed in research laboratories of the Yves Rocher brand, and the products are produced in their own factories and sold exclusively through their own distribution channels - Boutiques, the Internet and Post catalogs.

Competitive advantages and features:

herbal cosmetics of the highest quality;

elite and recognizable brand with a worldwide reputation: Expert of Herbal Cosmetics® from France;

more than 50 hectares of own biofields;

reasonable prices;

guaranteed gifts for orders;

Pleasant offers every month;

promotions every month;

courier home delivery;

free delivery for an order from 375 UAH;

Yves Rocher plants one tree for the purchase of one item marked "green tree";

sample products to help customers make a choice;

gamma “Serum Vegetal lifting effect” received the international Prix D'excellence De La Beaute Marie Claire Ukraine 2016 as the most effective and innovative anti-aging cosmetics;

24\7 support of call center specialists.

The target audience:

A truly demanding woman, from 18 to 55 years old, who wants to use effective Herbal cosmetics;

Location: Ukraine;

Excluded locations: ARC, Lugansk, Donetsk region;

Yves Rocher is very concerned about the reputation of its brand. Any publisher who violates the purity of the brand, would excluded from the program.

Advantages when working with Yves Rocher affiliate program:

worthy reward for the order;

bonuses for the quality of orders;

fast confirmation of orders;

the provision of monthly gift packages, which greatly simplifies the attraction of orders;

a large number of attractive and colorful banners, landings, which are updated monthly;

it is recommended to send traffic for monthly promotional landings - conversion rate is much higher;

The current landings are always available on the homepage of the Yves Rocher website.

Please, pay attention!

Test orders from publishers aren’t paid;

Сonversions with an empty referer (you can not see the source of traffic) aren’t counted.

The Yves Rocher brand and its derivatives (iv rocher, iv roche, ivroche, ivrocher, yves rocher, yvesrocher, yves, rocher, etc., similar and / or consonant) are not allowed to use in the domain name;

it is forbidden to call sites similar to the sound of the brand Yves Rocher, Yves Rocher, etc. similar and / or consonant;

It is forbidden to add keyword keywords to the meta tag: Yves Rocher, Yves Rocher, etc. similar and / or consonant words;

it is forbidden to add to the meta tags title = the name of the brand Yves Rocher, Yves Rocher, etc. similar and / or consonant words;

It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of Yves Rocher and use the company's logo and company colors (all that can confuse the user and indicate that this is the official group);

it is forbidden to use brand bidding (Yves Rocher, Yves Rocher and other consonant words) in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct;

Motivated traffic, pop-ups, brand bidding, doorways are prohibited. Publishers using prohibited types of traffic will be excluded from the program.

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Additional conditions:

Strictly forbidden contextual advertising using brand names. The affiliates using this type of traffic will be banned. List of negative keywords.

1) The orders placed through the online version of the printed catalog are not paid https://vpci.yves-rocher.com/VPCIYR/showIndex.do?country=UA.

2) Remuneration for a lost order will only be credited if the order number is entered correctly.

You can see the correct number in the letter, which is sent to your e-mail for order confirmation.

Rules for working with social networks:

It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of Yves Rocher or a group aimed at selling Yves Rocher cosmetics, a group of Yves Rocher cosmetics fans, etc. (groups that can mislead the user that this is the official company group).
It is allowed to place advertisements in other groups in the event tapes. In this case, the groups must correspond to the above rule.
It is forbidden to make classified ads in official groups of Yves Rocher.

Rules for working with email-lists:

It is forbidden to add signatures to letters using the "Yves Rocher" brand in Cyrillic and Latin;
It is forbidden to use personal data of the client (customer number, etc.);
It is allowed to use (and / or resize) only advertising materials from the advertiser;
Mandatory statement: “Introducing our official partner” or “News from our official partner” or “Discounts and promotions from our official partner”