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As of June 2017, D&R has 157 stores across 30 countries. D&R brings together entertainment and cultural products in a wide range of entertainment from film to electronic products, from ballroom to hobby, from souvenir to stationery, and contributes to the formation of a Turkish society that reads and listens.

In addition to its ever-growing number of stores, D&R also offers products and brands selected by the D&R www.dr.com.tr according to the innovations of the culture-entertainment world and the preferences and expectations of its customers through a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for its customers throughout Turkey.

Haziran 2017 itibariyle Türkiye genelinde 30 ilde 157 mağazasında D&R herkes için bir keşif dünyası sunuyor. Kitaptan müziğe, filmden elektronik ürünlere, oyundan hobiye, hediyelik eşyadan kırtasiyeye kadar geniş bir yelpazede eğlence ve kültür ürünleriyle ziyaretçilerini buluşturan D&R, okuyan ve dinleyen bir Türk toplumunun oluşumuna katkıda bulunuyor.

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  • 23/08/2017, 10:06 Attention! Commissions were increased for Modanisa WW, Idefix, D&R, Tchibo TR, Deloveroo UK offers

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    Idefix - to 3.6% per paid order.

    D&R - to 2.4-3.6 per paid order.

    Tchibo TR - to 5.76% per paid order.

    Deloveroo UK - to 3.92£ per paid order.

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  • 06/07/2017, 10:31 ATTENTION! NEW OFFER D&R IS LAUNCHED!

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