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"Soldier of fortune" — shop of man's attributes.
Male romanticism concerns us since the childhood. Galleys the Odyssey, Walter Scott's Indians, Dumas father's musketeers, Kurasava's Samurais, Indiana Jones's whiplash, iron Arney's bicepses and the knocking-out Stallone's blow … In each man inside lives a boy dreaming of a steel blade or of an army rifle. "Soldier of fortune" – the company which makes these dreams.
"Soldier of fortune" online store works since 2004 and offers broad range of goods for fans of tourism, active vacation, hunting, fishing and tactical games. There are over 5 000 names of goods - knives, machete, kukr, devices for sharpening, air guns, revolvers and rifles, arbalests and slingshots, military clothes and footwear, watches, shooting glasses, binoculars, tactical equipment, goods for sport and active vacation, functional man's attributes from USA, Europe, Asia and Russia. 
In online store only original products are on sale. Knives, guns and arbalests are not civil or cold weapon. Each commodity unit has necessary documentation (certificates of conformity, information leaflets). 
Benefits for customers:
  • Wide range of goods for menr for active vacation, tourism and everyday life;
  • All goods are available;
  • Urgent delivery for1 day;
  • Confirmed by the quality certificate;
  • Various payment methods.
Benefits for publishers:
  • The excellent decision for monetization of man's traffic.
  • Regular campaign.
  • Attractive promotional materials.

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