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Заработайте на 35% больше! Целых два месяца ставки в нашем оффере будут повышены на 35%!!! Спешите подключаться: акция действует с 12 апреля по 12 июня 2021 года.
Currency: RUR
Aim id: 5309 (Active)
2-33 % maximum 15 days
730 days 100%

Geo targeting:



Warning! Landing ID91078 only for traffic with Google Adwords, other traffic at the Landing will not be paid!

From March, 1st:
Every webmaster who will bring order in the amount more than 100,000 rubles for the month will receive a unique promotional code to their customers! - always fairly and honestly paid for the job!
Increase payments up to 33%! The total improvement program and approach to your earnings! We are interested in the fact that you earn as much as possible!
Compare our prices of equipment goods on Yandex Market. Where our competitors are and where we are ?!
Customers have learned to use the Internet and compare prices and buy where it is cheaper!
Check and you :)
Brief about us:
Not a first year on the market
More than 500,000 visitors
More than 103 000 products in 2000 categories of 4309 brends always available
Offline store area of ​​700 m2 in the center of Moscow (sales accounted for allowance!)
Work on the entire territory of Russia
Loyalty program for webmasters:
Award for half a million!
All webmasters who lead orders for 500,000 rubles or more at the end of the month will receive an additional 5.555 rubles to your earnings!
Work with us, earn more than we do - it's not a joke!
Especially for Webmasters:
we write the word "Webmaster" with a capital letter, because we immensely respect and appreciate you
we have the highest payouts in the industry to 33% and a developed system of Interest
unprecedented time storage cookies 2 years!
average order processing time 3 days
average check 10,070 rubles
we counted all the methods online ordering, including "Buying a 1-click" and Pickup from the shop floor
we pay not only selling products, but also the sale of services (testing of goods, covering the risk of workmanship, packaging, etc.) that is unique in our industry
bonus program for webmasters
Targeting the whole Russia
contextual advertising is permitted (except stop words. See rules for Webmasters)
greatest choice of formats banners, which are suitable for any website
individual assistance in the presentation of our store on your site (s)
XML-feeds for different types of products, discounted products, free of delivery, etc.
Landing with various categories of products, promotions and discounts
individual approach to each partner - us, if you need additional promotional materials, XML-feeds and others. We will make them for you for free.
Our significant difference is the ability to sell the customer not only the device, for which he has passed by reference, but also a lot of related products and various services (they are really necessary and useful, and see for yourself!).
Our system is designed so that, at least from additional services, testing, shares and accessories to give the customer just hard (try it yourself to make an order in our store).
Undertaking to pay you a percentage of the entire order (including any goods sold, if the client is passed to us from you), our system is necessarily increasing the initial client request you to bring tangible results.
Interest rates paid:































Rates for piad order.

Detailed decoding by category of goods -

Statistical data of the target audience:
Distribution by region:
· Russian = 94.53%
· Ukraine = 1.17%
· Belarus = 0.86%
Distribution to cities in Russia:
· Moscow = 51.8%
· Moscow Area = 11.46%
· St. Petersburg = 4.18%
· Sverdlovsk region = 1.58%
· Krasnodar region = 1.36%
· Samara region = 1.23%
· Novosibirsk region = 1.07%
· Nizhny Novgorod region = 1.02%
· Rostov Region = 0.99%
Demographic profile:

Rules for Webmasters:
  • Clickunder / Popunder - only for customers that have been returned for retargeting and that looked more expensive products 250 rubles. in the last week (when the last visit took place more than a week, it does not send the buyer to the site by this method). Allowed to send to the site no more than the first times a day and no more than 4 times a week.
  • SMS Notification must be consistent, that is, to provide information that it will be for delivery.
  • Prohibited any kind of traffic, the use of which the potential buyer gets to our website without their knowledge and / or desire
  • Banned branding traffic from Yandex, Google Adwords and other search contexts, which uses a brand or store name: Player,, Pleer,, zduukyukg, zduuk ... as well as all possible word forms and derivatives.
  • Our company has a monitoring department, which, to be sure, reveal any cheating, cheats, etc. We offer good conditions and Webmasters honest money for the work. If you may well try and honestly earn - we minded, let's work together!
Additional Information:
An official letter on behalf of our company, explaining that we do not sell the goods subject to licensing. It may be necessary in case of problems with the site moderation in contextual advertising systems and other.

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