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ESCC (European School education correspondent) - one of the largest international educational institutions operating in the field of remote additional education.
Opportunities "ESCC":
Unique European methods of teaching;
Personal account for each student;
Free trial lessons are available for all courses every interested user;
Personal tutor;
Open admission (no competitive entrance examinations);
Free planning of training (student self-selection of subjects and the number of courses);
Freedom in the timing and pace of learning (student enrollment throughout the year, no fixed terms of training);
Independence in choosing a place of learning (students should not be present in the classroom, they themselves choose where they learn);
Providing students with all the necessary training materials;
Customer benefits:
  • Methodology courses specifically designed for self-study;
  • Opportunity to do homework by mail or online, help and advice of the teacher;
  • For busy enough just 20-30 minutes a day;
  • Obtaining all necessary training materials in the house;
  • After the course will receive a certificate of the courses.
Affiliate Program "ESCC":
  • High traffic conversion;
  • Excellent monetizing your website and traffic;
  • Rapid confirmation of orders;
  • Modern advertising materials.

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Target audience: 80% of women between 18 and 40 years, focusing on career development and self-improvement. Training is available at any point in Belarus, where there is both the postal service.