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Descrição: - website of the first ticketing agency in Russia, founded in 2000, the partner to all leading teatre and concert promoters and one of the leading ticketing agencies of Moscow. We offer diverse events to our customers, who can choose between more than 1000 events daily. Tickets are sold at nominal value at Standard service fee is 10 per cent of the nominal value.


  • A wide range of tickets, suitable for any audience;
  • Exclusive offers. Availability of tickets, which are sold exclusively only at;
  • 24/7 professional call-center ;
  • Online booking, including the purchase of electronic tickets, without leaving the house;
  • European events are available for booking;
  • A wide chain of retail offices in accessible locations;
  • Delivery to Moscow and many other cities of Russia;
  • Guarantee of authenticity (our tickets are made in Germany with the most modern safety requirements);
  • Ticket insurance in the case of the client's disease;
  • Refund in case of cancellation / replacement / transfer.

Advantages of  PARTER.RU partnership program

Specials monetization of your audience. ~ Average bill is 7,500 rubles, your earnings - up to 450 rubles per order;
The high CR. Ticketing segment has a higher conversion than the e-commerce;
A wide range of tickets, suitable for any audience;
Exclusive offers. Availability of tickets, which are sold exclusively only on;
Customized banners and promo materials;
Quick processing up to 10 days;

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Особые условия по видам трафика:
1.Запрещено размещать в виде купонов и промокодов акции магазина, не требующие применения промокода.
2.Запрещено использовать промокоды, содержащие в названии имена других площадок.
3.Разрешено использовать промокоды, лично выданные вебмастеру.
4.Запрещена любая контекстная реклама, в том числе реклама по ключевым запросам вида «бренд + слово». Пример: «партер ру промокод».
5.Разрешено использование только тех партнерских ссылок, которые генерируются сетью и имеют в себе параметр «affiliate=».
6.Использование ссылок на, содержащим параметр affiliate=RUE, запрещено. Заказы, созданные после перехода по ссылкам такого вида, могут быть отклонены к выплате.

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  • 16/04/2019, 11:01 Attention! Rammstein Concert tickets are not subject to CPA payment!

    Сonsider when working with the offer, please.

  • 01/04/2019, 17:40 Attention! "" stop the action "Walking with dinosaurs"!

    Urgently remove the promotional code, please!

  • 20/03/2019, 16:38 Attention! Offer "" introduces a bonus scale for webmasters!

    Affiliate program "" introduces a bonus scale for webmasters from April 1, 2019.

    Details in the description of the offer.

  • 18/03/2019, 16:51 Attention! Changing conditions on the offer ""!

    Tickets for Rammstein Concert in Moscow on 07/29/2019 are not payable on CPA!

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