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Casual Club is an online service of acquaintances for those who look for thrills or in search of an adventure without any obligations, far from curious eyes.
Casual Club offers to the users:
  • Thanks to the advanced system of selection of the Casual Club profiles, each user will always receive offers on possible partners absolutely in compliance with his inquiries. During registration users can specify in detail the characteristic of the desirable person, his tastes and a type of the relations.
  • The extensive database allows users to carry out search of possible partners worldwide.
  • Safety of users is the main care of service: personal data are protected by the best technologies, all profiles anonymous and, for preservation of the most strict privacy, there is no opportunity to load a photo in a profile.
  • With refined and elegant design of Casual Club offers the users an intimate situation in which it is possible to realize the imaginations.
  • The Casual Club team always tries to provide the offered profiles to be truthful and safe for users.
  • Number of users for the next months on the website Casual Club is in continuous growth and in many other countries of Europe and beyond her limits.
Advantages for publishers during the work with an offer of Casual Club:
  • Simple achievement of the purpose;
  • Wide choice of promo-materials;
  • Wide target audience.
  • At good indicators of volumes and qualities of traffic the individual improved working conditions are guaranteed!
Offer accepts traffic only from the mobile devices, for traffic from web interface join the offer Casual Club (WEB).

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  • 10/11/2017, 17:31 Attention! CasualClub (MOB) offer is reactivated!

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    Due to technical problems on the advertiser side please temporarily stop the traffic. 

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  • 04/05/2016, 17:40 Offer "CasualClub (MOB)" doesn't accept traffic from Spain anymore

    Offer "CasualClub (MOB)" doesn't accept traffic from Spain anymore
    Please direct your traffic on other offers!
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  • 14/03/2016, 13:43 Attention! Offer Casual club (MOBILE) does not accept traffic from Russia

    Attention! Offer Casual club (MOBILE) does not accept traffic from Russia from 24:00 (UTS + 3 MSK) 15.03.2016 deu to traffic quality inspection by advertiser. 
    Please, transfer traffic to other offers!

  • 01/03/2016, 15:45 New offers "CasualClub" are launched!

    Reward for registration. Offer is available at the tariff Advanced. Join and earn!

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