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R$ 8 for completed subscription!

Bonus will be paid if the user will complete (paid) subscription after the trial period.
Bonuses will be added to the webmaster's account once a month on the basis validation with advertiser for the previous month. 

Brazilians have a new way to consume literature!

Instead of reading, they can listen to the books now!
And one can do it in any situation where reading would be inappropriate - while driving the car, jogging, on a beach or in gym!
Or even at home - close your eyes, relax and listen to all the great stories Ubook has online!

The service

Ubook is a listening library, the first audio book subscription service by streaming.

This audio-books concept is similar to Netflix for video or Radio for music: with a small fixed monthly fee, users can have unlimited access to the entire catalog.


  1. Free period of 7 or 30 days;
  2. More than 20 categories;
  3. Internet connection not necessary;
  4. No limits to listen;
  5. Remember where you've stopped listening;
  6. Editors’ recommendations;
  7. High quality.
  8. Access to different devices with one account: PC, tablet, mobile app

Enjoy this offer!

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  • 06/12/2017, 20:33 PAYOUTS ADJUSTMENTS ON Ubook OFFERs


    The  Ubook, audiobooks online offers has suffered payout adjustments.

    Check the description of the offers for details.

    Please, contact your account manager for more information.

  • 23/11/2016, 19:11 Black Friday and new commission* in Ubook - Audiolivros Online [Teste+Bônus]


    Annual plan with 75% OFF.

    BONUS! Bigger commission per paid subscription. Payout of R$20,00 per convertion!

    Promotion and banners available.

    Valid from 23/11 to 02/12


  • 29/06/2016, 18:36 New banners for social networks added to Ubook offer

    New banners for social networks added to Ubook offer

    Don't miss this chance and earn much more!

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