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Brasil (ciudades: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro (Estado), São Paulo, São Paulo (Estado))


Nextel has been present in Brazil since 1997, and has approximately 4 thousand employees in the country. A pioneer in combining iDEN (radio) technology with the use of a cell phone, it has a base with more than 4 million customers.

Today, in addition to iDEN technology, it acts as a 3G operator with national coverage for voice and internet, and also with 4G technology in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Nextel has a wide portfolio of plans, devices and services adaptable to each customer profile, thus seeking to break the form already established by the market, providing voice and internet services that are adapted to the consumer, putting him in control, offering flexibility and convenience.
The simplicity in choosing service packages further strengthens the leadership in quality indicators in Anatel's assessments.
- Incentives, Co-registration, Iframe, Social Networks, Google, among others, are not allowed for this campaign.
- The campaigns are subject to a later verification of the results and qualification of the leads.
- Any fraud will result in the cancellation of leads and closing of the affiliate's account.

  • Ease of hiring
  • Portability
  • Unlimited minutes
  • National roaming
  • Family plans

Come and enjoy!

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  • 17/12/2019, 23:35 NEXTEL PF OFFER IS BACK!



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    • Geo: RJ and SP.
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    The Nextel PF were paused by advertiser's request.

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  • 07/11/2019, 19:04 Black Friday: New Banners in Nextel PF - Phone Carrier - CPL!

    Black Friday: New Banners in Nextel PF - Phone Carrier - CPL!

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  • 02/10/2019, 17:36 Increased Commission- Nextel PF!


    The commission for the offer Nextel PF has been increased to R$10 per online registration.

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