Id de la oferta: 12318
Objetivo Pago Procesando PostClick Porcentaje de aceptación
Verified registration
Moneda: USD
Id del objetivo: 18451 (Activa)
2 $ Máximo 15 days
60 days Sin datos
Moneda: USD
Id del objetivo: 18654 (Activa)
100 % ($) Máximo 72 days
30 days Sin datos

Geo localización:

Todos los países excepto: Kirguistán, Moldavia, Turkmenistán, Uzbekistán, Belarús, Kazajistán, Ucrania.


The company GlobalTeck leads the raffle of the 1st Bitcoin in the framework of the campaign “Time to win”. All users who have registered and passed verification, have a chance to win the main prize or guaranteed to receive a deposit bonus of $ 100 to your account without it.

Mandatory criteria for the credited lead:
  • User speaks Russian
  • The user answered the phone call, can confirm his identity and that he left an application for the GlobalTeck landing page
  • The user is registered and verified with the manager
Call center operation:
  • Monday - Friday from 10 to 19 of Moscow time
  • If the user does not answer the phone call, the call center calls him for 5 working days, at different times, many times.

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