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At Leveros, the main goal is to offer the best solution in ambient air conditioning. They offer the main brands of air conditioners, installation and cleaning services provided by certified professionals, besides being pioneers in the segment in e-commerce and in marketplace, present in the main sites of the country.

  • Over 40 years of tradition in the market;
  • 4 distribution centers: Tocantins, Paraíba, Minas Gerais and São Paulo;
  • Pioneer and present in the main marketplaces;
  • SeloRA1000: objective to highlight the companies that have excellent service levels in the ReclameAQUI;
  • Safe shopping site;
  • Various forms of payment.
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  • 10/07/2019, 20:48 New Promotions in Leveros!

    New Promotions at Leveros Campaign - Air-Conditioning.
    Come and enjoy!

  • 14/06/2019, 18:33 New Promotions in Leveros!

    New Promotions at Leveros Campaign - Air-Conditioning. 
    Come and enjoy!

  • 22/11/2018, 21:59 Black Friday - New promos at Leveros offer

    Amazing promos!

    Special discounts at Leveros offer.

    • Hi-Wall and Cassette Trane Line: Longer durability and comfort at the right size
    • Black Friday - The biggest furniture and decorations of the year!

    Valid until 26/11/2018


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