La Roche-Posay
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Laboratory LA ROCHE-POSAY, given 30 years of research experience and 25 patents, has become a leader in the development of tools for sensitive skin, characterized by high portability and security. Thanks to its expertise LA ROCHE-POSAY meets the needs of more than 70% of women consider their skin sensitive *. (IPSOS Health & amp; Beauty, France, Conference. Pharmacie 2007)
Excellence LA ROCHE-POSAY:
  • Go through numerous clinical placebo controlled studies proving their high tolerability and efficacy
  • All funds are used strictly limited number of ingredients in the maximum allowable concentration, in accordance with the strict requirements of pharmaceutical safety and efficacy.
  • Products LA ROCHE-POSAY appointed by dermatologists as monoterpaii and in treatment of various skin diseases.
  • Ideal for daily skin care.
The "heart" of the brand - a unique thermal water, which is a part of all means of LA ROCHE-POSAY. Its efficiency and extremely high tolerance otlichitayut brand instill confidence 25,000 dermatologists worldwide. Today, experts recommend means of LA ROCHE-POSAY for daily care to millions of women, men and children.
The leader of the photoprotective agents in the industry, it is recommended by European dermatologists and, today, it reached a million sales. In 2010, LA ROCHE-POSAY has introduced a new development.
One of the most popular remedies for oily skin problems worldwide sold billions of packages and discharged thousands of recipes.
EFAKLAR - gamma №1 on the recommendations of dermatologists Russia for oily problem skin
(The study "Knowledge and the image of dermatological brands among dermatologists," GfK-Rus LLC, 335 interviews (8-21.10.2010), Russia, 5 Million + towns)
It fills wrinkles. Strengthens sensitive skin due to its composition of matter Neurosensine, which is fighting with the cause of skin aging as mikrovospaleniya.
The combination of 11 biolipidov eliminates signs of dry and very dry skin. For daily use.
All topsellery online store you can see on the site.
The advantages of working with affiliate programs:
  • Free delivery to any region of Russia with the purchase of 2000 rubles
  • Free product samples
  • Special offers and promotions in the shop

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