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Join the IBIK program! A partner who promotes our products online may earn a commission on eligible downloads of our ASTER.

Our products are ASTER licenses. ASTER is a Windows application. ASTER lets you create up to 12 workplaces based on just 1 desktop computer!
Increase your website traffic by promoting a world leader in multi-user Windows solutions - ASTER!

Build an extra Windows desktop really cheap for just $99! If you have a Windows PC, you can create 2 Windows desktops using ASTER's 2-week free trial period… ASTER is an award-winning multiseat solution. It helps to reduce expenses with electricity and the purchase of computers. You can organize an extra workplace using a TV set as an extra monitor. So you would only need to buy a mouse, a keyboard and a video cable. If you like ASTER during the trial period, you can buy an ASTER license.

The benefits of ASTER are:
  • saving money
  • saving electricity
  • improving the ecology
  • saving space
  • noise reduction

ASTER Home License
ASTER Home license is to get 2 Windows desktops based on 1 PC for 1 year.
ASTER Pro-2 License
ASTER Pro-2 license is to get 2 Windows desktops based on 1 PC forever.
ASTER Pro-3 License
ASTER Pro-3 license is to get 3 Windows desktops based on 1 PC forever.
ASTER Pro-6 License
ASTER Pro-6 license is to get 6 Windows desktops based on 1 PC forever.

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  • 06/03/2023, 18:13 New Promotions and Banners in - IBIK - Software Multiterminal [Windows] - CPI!

    New Promotions and Banners in - IBIK - Multiterminal Software [Windows] - CPI! Make the most of this campaign!
    • One Windows computer for two people at the same time!
    Come Enjoy!

  • 01/02/2023, 16:34 New Campaign - IBIK - Software Multiterminal - CPI!

    ASTER is multi-user software for Windows 7/8/10/11 and Windows Server 2016/2019/2022.
    Our software allows multiple users to work on the same PC, significantly reducing hardware and energy costs. Users can organize multiple workspaces by connecting multiple monitors, keyboards and mice to one PC. ASTER is zero client software. It allows the creation of zero client virtual desktop clients without thin client hardware.
    • Geo Brazil
    • 0.7$ commission per app install
    • Available Materials
    Come check it out!

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