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In the online store, you can always buy a beautiful toy at the best price. More than 5,000 different children's toys available, as well as the latest products! Very convenient interface - for boys, for girls, for kids, brands, by age, sales and promotions will help you to choose the best toy for your child at the best price!

The retail division of Gulliver & Co Trading House, one of the largest toy distributors in Russia, whose portfolio includes such brands as: Ninja Turtles, WINX, Robocar Poli, Tiny Love, K'S Kids, Bruder, Bburago, Silverlit, Playmobil, Collecta, Sonya Rose, Digi Friends and others.

JSC Trading House Gulliver and Co. is among the TOP largest distributors of children's goods in Russia.

Advantages for publishers:

  • Variety of advertising materials
  • High-conversion due to good brand awareness
  • Wide range of goods. The buyer will always find what he is looking for
  • Sales and promo-activities are constantly renewed 

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