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A Info Store nasceu em 1998 com o propósito de comercializar o melhor mix de tecnologia na cidade de Manaus. A partir de 2004 iniciou o seu plano de expansão e hoje conta com 11 lojas, sendo 2 lojas de bairro (Aleixo e Centro) e 9 lojas nos principais shoppings da cidade. Realizam também a venda de seus produtos através da loja online e televendas. Hoje dispoem de um portifólio diversificado atuando nos segmentos de telefonia, jogos e consoles, eletroeletrônicos, ar-condicionado, televisores, notebooks, informática e acessórios.


  • Grande variedade de produtos
  • Melhores preços do mercado
  • Atendimento via WhatsApp
  • Ambiente de compra online seguro
  • Entregas rápidas
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  • 10/06/2021, 17:54 New Promotions and Coupons in Infostore!

    New Promotions and Coupons in Infostore! Make the most of this campaign!

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    • Use the coupon and GET 6% OFF on Air Conditioning!
    • Use the coupon and GET 7% OFF on Smart TVs!
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  • 29/04/2021, 21:57 New Promotions and Coupons in Infostore!

    New Promotions and Coupons in Infostore! Make the most of this campaign!

    • Sou + Info - Get a 5% OFF coupon to use on the website.
    • Buy Vaio & Win Backpack
    • Buy $ 100 worth of Microsoft mice and keyboards and win an Ecobag
    • Mother's Day is with Smartphones from R$ 419
    • Buy Resident Evil Village and Get 5% OFF at sight

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  • 19/03/2021, 21:12 New Campaign - Infostore - Informática!

    The Info Store was born in 1998 with the purpose of selling the best mix of technology in the city of Manaus. As of 2004, it started its expansion plan and today it has 11 stores, 2 of which are neighborhood stores (Aleixo and Centro) and 9 stores in the main shopping malls in the city. They also sell their products through the online store and telesales. Today they have a diversified portfolio operating in the segments of telephony, games and consoles, electronics, air conditioning, televisions, notebooks, computers and accessories.
    • Geo Brazil
    • 17.5% commission for confirmed purchases
    • Available Materials
    Come and enjoy!

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