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Unopar is currently the largest University of Distance Learning (EaD) in the country, and was also a pioneer in this modality. With more than 40 years of tradition in quality education and more than 260 thousand students graduated in Distance Learning, Unopar is the right choice for those who value tradition and innovation.


  • Courses in several areas;
  • Personalized service;
  • Online Chat;
  • 100% Secure Site.
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    Kroton Educacional is one of the largest private for-profit educational organizations in the country and has been active in the Brazilian educational sector for more than 45 years, starting in 1966.
    The company has a comprehensive business model that serves several educational segments, from the maternal to the masters. In higher education, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered in face and distance formats. In basic education, teaching systems are provided to the associated schools, which include didactic material, training services, assessment and educational technology, supported by a robust and efficient pedagogical model.
    As a social investment, the company maintains the Pitágoras Foundation, a non-profit organization that enables educational projects in public and private institutions. The goal is to transfer management technology and empower practitioners to improve the performance of elementary and junior high school students.
    Campaign commission: R $ 85.40 per confirmed enrollment
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