Biblioteka aromatov
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Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia


Biblioteka Aromatov – online store of unusual fragrance. Demeter fragrances are imported from New York, own Russian brand produces home fragrances (candles, diffusers and room sprays) and personal care products (shower gels, body scrubs, bath salts). Own collection of  premium casual clothes: sweatshirts, trousers and hoodies was launched in 2020.

Advantages for customers:

Many fragrances for any taste available

Convenient site navigation and showroom in Moscow

Different payment methods and delivery

Free delivery over 4500 rub in Moscow

Create your own fragrance

Bonuses, special activities, affordable prices

Benefits for publishers:

High commission rate

Many traffic types and instruments available

Good promo materials

Well-known brand, unique products

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  • 24/05/2021, 15:41 "Biblioteka aromatov" offer is launched!

    Publisher`s commission is 15% for a paid order new client.

    Publisher`s commission is 7% for a paid order old client.

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